Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Rose Holley: recent presentations

I've been uploading my PowerPoint Presentations into slideshare:

Last year I did 62 presentations in 45 weeks so this year I've been taking a bit of a break! Sorry folks!

My most popular talk was one I gave to the public in Sydney called 'The making of our Digital Nation' which you can view on Youtube:  It's rather long at an hour and 18 minutes!  I very much enjoyed this talk because usually I only get to talk to librarians.

My most recent presentation was to librarians in Spain and called
'Collecting, sharing and improving data: Changing roles for librarians and users.'  I drew on my personal experience over the last 25 years and particularly talked about Australian Newspapers and Trove.  You can see it on Vimeo: Again rather long at an hour!

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